Autism & OMT

Autism and OMT

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This 10-hour course, broken into five 2-hour lessons, teaches SLPs, RDHs, dentists, orthodontists, and other OMT providers how to effectively work inside the mouth and improve compliance with individuals with autism and other sensory-motor integration difficulties that get in the way of successful outcomes. Courses are kept small and instruction is customized to fit individual and group needs and current education and skill level.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand and analyze how a patient and family’s behavioral profile impacts individualized treatment.

2. Design individualized treatment for patients with behavioral and compliance concerns.

3. Devise and modify work environments and accommodations to improve patient buy-in.

4. Educate and motivate patients and families to meet short term and long term objectives.

Registration: $1000

Professional Development: 10 Hours

Agenda Lesson One (2 hours)

0:00-0:30 Introduction, disclosures, course overview

0:30-1:30 Case study introductions: goals, objectives, barriers

1:30-2:00 General overview of case management & team building

Agenda Lesson Two (2 hours)

0:00-0:30 Case study updates & initial questions

0:30-1:00 The many ways to process the world & the impact on OMT

1:00-2:00 Review the differential diagnostic process

Agenda Lesson Three (2 hours)

0:00-1:00 Case study review & diagnostic questions

1:00-2:00 Developing an individualized treatment plan

Agenda Lesson Four (2 hours)

0:00-1:00 Case study review & response to treatment

1:00-1:30 Prioritizing care within & outside your scope

1:30-2:00 Diagnostic & treatment questions

Agenda Lesson Five (2 hours)

0:00-1:00 Case study review & response to treatment

1:00-1:45 Accommodating the Individual; Educating patients & families

1:45-2:00 Course conclusions

Linda D'Onofrio, MS, CCC-SLP is a board-certified speech-language pathologist with a private practice in Portland Oregon. She completed her Masters in Communication Disorders from the University of Oregon, completed her medical externship at Oregon Health Sciences University, and her clinical fellowship at the Oregon VA Medical Center. For 20 years, she has specialized in craniofacial disorders, structural and sensory-motor based speech disorders, feeding and oromyofunctional disorders, social cognitive disorders, and developmental speech language disorders. She works with toddlers, school-aged children, teens, adults, and the elderly. She lectures internationally on craniofacial growth and function.

Disclosure Statement:


I am a practicing clinician and paid lecturer and presenter.

I am promoting the courses available from the D’Onofrio Institute for Advanced Myofunctional Studies.


I am a past president and former board member of the Oregon Speech Language Hearing Association (OSHA).

I am a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA).

I am the administrator of the Oromyofunctional Study Group on Facebook.