The D'Onofrio Institute for Advanced Myofunctional Studies offers a variety of advanced topics and extended courses in the field of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders for doctors, dentists, orthodontists, speech-language pathologists, registered dental hygienists, and other medical and dental professions that specialize in the orofacial complex.

Courses will be offered over Zoom, held over a series of weeks, and will be centered around your current case load. Courses will be kept small to ensure personalized attention. There may be prerequisites for course admittance.

Linda D’Onofrio, MS, CCC-SLP has a private practice in Portland Oregon focusing in craniofacial disorders, oromyofunctional disorders, dysphagia, and sensory-motor speech disorders. She completed her Masters at the University of Oregon, her medical externship at the Oregon Health Sciences University Medical Center with a focus on inpatient neurological acute care and outpatient cognitive rehabilitation, and her clinical fellowship at the Oregon VA Medical Center with a focus on dysphagia, aphasia, brain injury, and cancer. She is a past president of the Oregon Speech-Language Hearing Association, and she presents internationally on craniofacial development and function.

Current Extended Course Offerings

Course sizes are limited to 5 participants, except Team Building, which is customized to meet team needs. Courses will be held over Zoom, focused on providers' patients and cases.

Why Function Matters: What Every Dentist Needs to Know - Small Group Application

Six 2 hour classes $1000

Class sizes vary based on need

Breaking Down the Diagnostic & Treatment Process for OMT – Small Group Application

ASHA Registered course - Approval sought based on need

Six 2 hour classes $1000

OMD in the Graduate Program: Teaching Faculty & Clinical Supervisors

Three 2 hour classes $500

What am I Missing: Closing Difficult Cases

Five 2-hour classes $1000

Craniofacial Disorders & OMT

Five 2-hour classes $1000

Treating Autism & OMT

Five 2-hour classes $1000

Thanks for the informative two days!! You enhanced my learning with a concrete plan of incorporating diagnostic and therapeutic tools into my practice. You also validated my current practice and ideology which is a great feeling. And I met great folks! I really appreciated your enthusiasm for all your roles as a speech therapist. You are a terrific speaker. -- Anne Dworschak-Stokan, MS, Reg. CASLPO, Cleft palate & VPI hospital team

Implementing OMT in Schools

Three 2-hour classes $500

Team Building: Getting on the Same Page

Two 4-hour classes Price varies

Simple Cases: Building Competence

Five 2-hour classes $1000

Collaboration and patient care with Linda D’Onofrio has been fun and informative! I highly recommend her class to all my colleagues in the dental and ENT field! Her focus is on the impact of oral function such as chewing and swallowing on oral development, occlusion, smile, facial pain, etc. She’s also armed with a nice collection of relevant research if anyone is interested! --Maryam Motlagh, DMD, Neuromuscular dentist

Toddler OMD & Transitioning to Solid Food

Five 2-hour classes $1000

Adult OMD & Frenectomy Considerations

Five 2-hour classes $1000

Creating Multidisciplinary Care & Getting Providers to do what you want

Three 2-hour classes $500

My whole practice will change from hearing you this weekend. Inspiring. -- Joe Siegfried, RDH, working with a Neuromuscular dentist

Family-Based Care: Serving Children & Their Parents

Three 2-hour classes $500

Teaching Articulation from a Myofunctional Perspective

Three 2-hour classes $500

Mastering the Diagnostic Process: Case Study Course Extension

Three 2-hour classes $500

Mastering the Treatment Process: Case Study Course Extension

Three 2-hour classes $500

Mastering Coordination Ortho, Oral Surgery, OSA & OMT: Case Study Course Extension

Three 2-hour classes $500

Adult Oral Surgery & OMT

Five 2-hour classes $1000

Online Courses Already Available on Vimeo

Linda’s courses are filled with valuable information and real-life application. Each course has something unique to offer. If you are an SLP, I highly recommend taking the first course to understand more about how myofunctional disorders impact speech and language. That course is gold! The assessment course is awesome for taking a deeper dive into the assessment process and understanding the why behind what you are seeing. The treatment course gave me fresh ideas I could use in therapy to flexibly meet my patient’s goals. Each course is jam packed with content and I loved how there was a case study tying each one together. Linda is a dynamic and engaging presenter. These courses were time and money well spent!

--Brooke Andrews, M.A CCC-SLP/COM ™

Your lecture is the most academic, clinical and compelling content I have ever heard!

--Sekiguchi Kazuki, DDS

I am lucky enough to have attended all of Linda's OMD courses and each one was phenomenal! Each class was filled with valuable information including the evidence base, implications across the lifespan, case study examples, and videos. I came away with a better understanding of the anatomy, physiology, and function of the face, tongue, and oral cavity. The courses were very comprehensive. I especially loved the connections seen between parents and children and how genetics, structures, and habits contribute to feeding, swallowing and speech. Linda's experience of treating across the lifespan really helped me see the "big picture" of how OMDs can effect people of all ages and why my work with young pediatrics is so important. Her presentation style is engaging and entertaining and it's obvious she has assessed and treated many children and adults. Almost all of the information I learned in the course was new to me and it was well worth the investment!

----hopefully that sounds ok. Wasn't sure how to write "it blew my mind!!!" But seriously, if every SLP could get that information right as they're starting - and the once a month was a good pace to learn, implement, reflect, keep learning - we'd have a whole new set of SLPs knowing better what they're doing. I actually just re-watched a portion of one of the lectures and I think I'll be going through them again over the next year.

--Kendra Holloway, MS, CCC-SLP

Past Online Courses

Hi Linda,

I am an SLP from (Illinois). I have come across your PD videos on speechtherapypd.com. I can't tell you how much you have inspired, motivated, and educated me on oromyofunctional speech disorders. I am 5 years out of graduate school with limited knowledge in this area. It has been an area of growing interest, however, I wasn't sure where to start. Your PD videos are just fantastic. I wanted to reach out and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing this and inspiring me to jump further into this area of speech pathology. I am currently a school based SLP, and have recently opened a small, private practice in an area with limited speech options. You are truly an inspiration and again, I wanted to thank you!!

--Elizabeth Horn, MS, CCC-SLP