Minsk Belarus March 2020


Why Function Matters: What Every Dentist Needs to Know About Oral Physiology

Course Description:

This is a comprehensive 2-day workshop for dentists and orthodontists on oral function and the impact of soft tissue on dental, oral, and facial development. Learn how oral dysfunction can escalate into disorder and contribute to malocclusion and suboptimal facial development. Learn how treating the underlying causes of dysfunction can help stabilize the occlusion and prevent orthodontic and surgical relapse. Attendees will be able to screen for orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMD) and apply the basic tenants of oromyofunctional therapy to their caseload immediately. Pediatric and adult case studies will be featured. Lecture is in English.

  • Why Should Dentists Care About Oral Function?
  • Why Do Some Lingual Frenectomies Get Positive Results and Other Don’t?
  • Is a Myofunctional Retainer System the Same as Myofunctional Therapy?
  • Fake it or Make it: Why Dentists Should Consider Exercise Over Botox.
  • How You Can Lead A Multidisciplinary Team!

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define ten areas of oral function that impact facial development and contribute to malocclusion.
  2. Efficiently screen patients for oral dysfunction.
  3. Outline the structural, functional, and behavioral areas of an OMD assessment
  4. Differentiate oromyofunctional goals, objectives, and strategies to individualize patient care.
  5. Learn how to build an effective multidisciplinary team.