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Past Audience Comments:

  • Linda is a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter. Her love of teaching combined with her desire to learn is resounding. While following the agenda of the conference, Linda created a learning environment that was open and community based. I look forward to attending more OMT conferences lead by this outstanding practitioner and presenter. -- Tricia H. Rogers, MS-CCC-SLP, Oromyofunctional specialist in private practice
  • Collaboration in patient care with Linda D’Onofrio has been fun and informative! I highly recommend her class to all my colleagues in the dental and ENT field! Her focus is on the impact of oral function such as chewing and swallowing on oral development, occlusion, smile, facial pain, etc. She’s also armed with a nice collection of relevant research if anyone is interested! --Maryam Motlagh, DMD, Neuromuscular dentist
  • Thanks for the informative two days!! You enhanced my learning with a concrete plan of incorporating diagnostic and therapeutic tools into my practice. You also validated my current practice and ideology which is a great feeling. And I met great folks! I really appreciated your enthusiasm for all your roles as a speech therapist. You are a terrific speaker. -- Anne Dworschak-Stokan, MS, Reg. CASLPO, Cleft palate & VPI hospital team
  • My whole practice will change from hearing you this weekend. Inspiring. -- Joe Siegfried, RDH, working with a Neuromuscular dentist

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Linda D’Onofrio, MS, CCC-SLP has a private practice in Portland Oregon specializing in craniofacial disorders, oromyofunctional disorders, dysphagia, and sensory-motor speech disorders. She completed her Masters in Communication Disorders at the University of Oregon, her medical externship at the Oregon Health Sciences University Medical Center with a focus on inpatient neurological acute care and outpatient cognitive rehabilitation, and her clinical fellowship at the Oregon VA Medical Center with a focus on dysphagia, aphasia, brain injury, and head and neck cancer. She is a past president of the Oregon Speech- Language Hearing Association, and she presents internationally on craniofacial development and function.

American Speech-Language Hearing Association, 2017

Oregon Speech-Languag Hearing Association, 2015

Past Events


  • Oral dysfunction as a cause of malocclusion, Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research. 2019;00:1-6
  • Oral dysfunction as a cause of malocclusion, Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry. Vienna AU; University of North Carolina School of Dentistry. Chapel Hill NC; University of California School of Dentistry. San Francisco CA.
  • Evaluation & Reporting of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder, Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry. Vienna AU
  • Diagnosis & Treatment of Oromyofunctional Disorder as it Relates to Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Tufts Pediatric Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency. Boston MA
  • Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, OSA & Oromyofunctional Therapy, Interdisciplinary Stanford Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium. San Mateo, CA


  • Publication Trends & Levels of Evidence in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Literature. International Association of Orofacial Myology. Charlotte NC
  • Oral Dysfunction as a Cause of Malocclusion. Consortium for Orthodontic Advances in Science & Technology, Scottsdale AZ; University of North Carolina Dental School. Chapel Hill NC
  • How Ankyloglossia is Implicated in Craniofacial Disorders. International Consortium of Oral Ankylofrenula Professionals. Toronto ON
  • Impact of Restricted Oral Frenula on Articulation. International Consortium of Oral Ankylofrenula Professionals. Toronto ON
  • Mastering Oromyofunctional Therapy. Portland OR, Toronto ON, New Providence NJ, Houston TX
  • The Cause of Malocclusions. Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) Dental School Portland OR
  • Orthodontics and Oromyofunction. OSHU Dental School. Portland OR


  • Teaching Articulation & Oromyofunction to Special Populations. Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences. Chicago IL
  • The Cause of Malocclusions. OSHU Dental School. Portland OR
  • The Consequences of Inaction. Gum Gardeners. Portland OR
  • Differential Diagnosis of Oromyofunction from Dysphagia. ASHA Convention. Los Angeles CA


  • Treating Oromyofunctional Disorders: Beyond the Symptoms. Kaiser Permanente. Portland OR, Speechtherapypd.com
  • Impact of Restricted Oral Frenula on Oral Structure, Function, Feeding & Articulation. Gum Gardeners. Portland OR
  • Orthodontics & Oromyofunction. OSHU Dental School Portland OR


  • Teaching Articulation to Special Populations. Salem-Keizer School District OR, Madison City School District AL, Speechtherapypd.com
  • Impact of Oral Function & Individual Behavior on Oral Structure. OHSU Dental School, OSHA Conference. Salem OR


  • Cleft Palate & Craniofacial Disorders Graduate Level Course. Portland State University. Portland OR
  • Oromyofunction & Oral Health. Gum Gardeners. Portland OR
  • Differential Diagnosis of Speech Sound Disorders. Speechtherapypd.com


  • Differential Diagnosis of Speech Sound Disorders. Pacific University. Forest Grove OR
  • Oromyofunctional Disorders: Evaluation & Treatment 6-Hour Workshop. Speechtherapypd.com, Portland Public School District. Portland OR
  • Oromyofunctional Therapy: Creating Measurable Change. North Clackamas School District OR, Portland Public School District OR


  • Oromyofunction & Oral Health. Gum Gardeners. Portland OR
  • Oromyofunctional Disorders: Evaluation & Treatment. North Clackamas School District, Happy Valley OR


  • Oromyofunctional Evaluations: What To Look For & What It Means. Oregon Speech Pathology Academy


  • Ankyloglossia: Evaluation Consideration & Treatment Options. Pediatric Treatment Study Group. Portland OR